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The Grid Resident Warranty™

When you engage us to provide management services for your property, you are vesting in us a significant responsibility to ensure that only the best possible Residents become your Residents.

We recognize that if we make a mistake and allow a bad Resident into your property, it creates headaches for us and headaches for you.

We take our leasing and management responsibilities very seriously. As a result, we are very professional, deliberate, and cautious about who we allow into a Grid managed property. To set your mind at ease we have developed a leasing warranty we call the Grid Resident Warranty™.

Here’s how it works.

If during the first six months of any new tenancy, the new Resident turns out to be a problem that requires an eviction action, we will do the following:

1. We will accept all the legal and court costs for eviction of this Resident.
2. We will re-lease the unit to a new Resident with no leasing fee to you.

That's it. Pretty straightforward.

If we make a bad leasing decision, we will do it over, for free.

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