Grid’s Application Checklist

We process complete applications for a given property in the order we receive them.

We will begin processing your application only if it is complete.

We consider an application complete only when the following 6 items are completed or received:

1.) Tour: Due to COVID-19 concerns, Grid Property Management has temporarily waived our requirement that an applicant must have toured a property prior to applying. Until further notice, an applicant does not have to have viewed a property to have their application considered complete and ready for screening. Additionally, a showing is not required prior to lease signing either.

2.) Application: A completed application for each applicant over 18 years of age who will be living in the property.

3.) Identification: A copy of a photo ID, or combination of identifications, which allow for us to verify the name and birth date of an applicant.

4.) Proof of Income: Copies of the proof of income documents outlined in Grid’s Application Process. Typically, this is at least 3 paystubs from the last 3 months. Please view our criteria here:

5.) Proof of Companion Animal:

If you are applying for a unit with an emotional support animal, assistant animal, or any similar companion animal (collectively “Emotional Support Animal”), please fill out the attached Reasonable Request for Accommodation form.  Please completely fill out the first page and only the first half of the second page. Once this is completed, send it back to us and we will reach out to your provider for verification. 

Due to potential delays with provider verification, we recommend submitting your completed form to us as early as possible in the application process so we can send it to your provider as soon as possible.

Submission of a completed Reasonable Request for Accommodation form (and provider’s verification as needed) is not considered part of your application and has no effect on screening of your application. However, an Emotional Support Animal cannot be moved into a unit until the form has been properly verified by your provider.

Please find the link to the Portland Housing Bureau’s Right to Request a Modification or Accommodation Notice Required Under Portland City Code https://www.portland.gov/sites/default/files/2021/notice30.01

6.) Payment: Payment of $48.00 for each applicant over 18 years of age who will be living in the property.

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