If you knew that you would never again have problems with occupancy, tenants,
or maintenance at your properties, how much income property would you want to own?

By Investors, For Investors.
Let Grid be Your Key to Income Property Success™.
— Kohle Kreitzberg, Vice President
     Grid Property Management, LLC
GPM's Management Success Formula™ is our proprietary, step-by-step, comprehensive structure by which we bring in a new Owner client and that Owner client's rental property, prepare it for success as income property, manage the property and the Tenants through the lifecycle of each Tenant's rental period, and ultimately prepare the property for resale if and when the Owner client elects to transition out of ownership of the property.

The Management Success Formula™ acts as the primary structure or framework around which all of GPM's processes, methods, and tools are organized. From our forms and checklists to our accounting, reporting, and physical and digital filing systems, everything ties back to and is guided by the Management Success Formula™ program
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Performance Measures

Grid Property Management takes what we do very seriously – and we're very good at it!

To give you a sense for how we manage our portfolio, here are three critical performance measures that we track continuously. These figures are updated by about the 10th day of each new month.

Current Portfolio Performance

Physical Occupancy:
98.00 %
Tenancy Success:
99.99 %
Rents to Market:
99.65 %

If you've been considering transferring responsibility for your income property to a professional property management firm, we'd be delighted to show you why Grid Property Management is the right solution in every way. We've taken years of experience and property management best practice and incorporated it into a comprehensive process we call The Management Success Formula™. Click below to find out more!


If you're in the market to rent a home or apartment, you have plenty of options available in the greater Portland, Oregon area. When you weigh the various homes, apartments, and locations available, be sure to choose a property that is in the care of a professional and well-respected management company. GPM has years of experience providing great rental housing for great tenants, and we'd love to have you join us!


Owner Quotes Here.

This performance measure tracks how well we do keeping the rental properties in our care occupied. To calculate this measure, we divide the number of occupied units we manage by the total number of units we manage. A rental home is one unit, while a four unit building would be considered four units. We are very aggressive with our marketing efforts. We begin marketing a property the moment we have a thirty-day notice from a tenant indicating that they will be leaving. This immediate marketing is one key to our success in keeping our units full.

This performance measure tracks how well we do screening and bringing in tenants who meet the obligations of their lease. To calculate this measure, we divide the number of active tenancies that are "performing" by the total number of active tenancies. A tenant that is not paying as agreed or is in any kind of eviction action is considered "non-performing".

This performance measure tracks how well we do securing market rents for our clients. It is easy to keep a portfolio full by setting rents too low, but it is not good business. The key is to hit the right balance between keeping properties full and keeping rents at market. (This performance measure ties closely to the Physical Occupancy measure.) Because there is no absolute definition of market rents, we use the Zillow® Rent Zestimate® for each unit as our proxy measure. To calculate our Rents to Market performance measure, we divide the total value of the monthly scheduled rents for the portfolio by the total value of the Zillow® Rent Zestimate® figures for each unit in the portfolio.

Grid Property Management provides professional property management services and offers residential homes for rent in Portland, Oregon and the communities of Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, Damascus, Fairview, Gladstone, King City, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Sherwood, Tigard, Troutdale, Tualatin, West Linn, Wilsonville, Wood Village, Aloha, Beavercreek, Cedar Mill, Clackamas, Dunthorpe, Garden Home, Raleigh Hills, West Slope and more quality towns in Portland, Oregon.