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2015 Landscaping Improvements for Your Portland Rental Units

System - Friday, December 26, 2014

Winter is officially here in Portland and although we can still expect rain or snow in the coming weeks, it’s important for you to start thinking about making landscaping improvements for your Portland Rental Units in 2015.

Why Landscaping Improvements Are Important

Landscaping improvements are important because curb appeal will be one of the first things to attract renters to your plex, condo or town home for rent in Portland.

If your rentals have poor curb appeal, you can be certain that potential renters will continue searching for another rental.  Most tenants want to love where they live – and this includes loving the look of where they live. 

Start Thinking About Landscaping Now

Before we come to spring 2015, take the time to think about whichlandscaping improvements you want to make to your Portland rentals. To get started choose one rental and pick a focal point for that rental unit.   The focal point can be the front door or whatever feature of the rental unit a potential renter might see first when they park at the street.

Don’t Forget Property Cleanup

When making landscaping improvements , it’s best to clean up the landscape in front of the rental unit first by doing the following:

 Prune back dead bushes, trees or brush.

  • Mow and trim grass.
  • Pull weeds from flower beds.
  • Replace weathered planter boxes or planting containers.
  • Paint the front door of your rental unit.

Choose Low Maintenance Plants

Your number one goal when making landscaping improvements to your Portland Oregon Rental Unit is to choose low maintenance plants which your tenant can easily maintain.

Some low maintenance plants to consider are:

Chinese Fringe Trees

  • Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce Trees
  • Rockspray Cotoneaster

For more information on the best landscaping improvements you can make for your Portland Rental Unit , contact Grid Property Management today by calling us at (503) 321-5140.

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