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Does Your Rental Property Offer Family Friendly Amenities?

System - Friday, April 10, 2015

You’ve worked hard to build your portfolio of Portland Oregon of income properties, but a big question you should ask yourself is can your rentals be more family friendly?

The more your property can attract families, the higher your rents and the more likely you will keep your properties occupied month after month.

Here are 3 tips that address how you can make your income properties more family friendly.

Tip 1 – Add A Playroom

If you own a larger Portland Oregon rental community, you should consider adding a children’s playroom.

Most parents these days are specifically searching for properties with on-site playrooms , so you can give your property a competitive edge if you have one.

Playrooms have low operating costs and most parents are also willing to pay for the additional costs of having music or art instructors teach on site at least once a week.

Tip 2 – Create a Green Space

If your property has open ground or a field, you should consider adding a green space on the property for children to run and play.

This green space should include benches for parents to sit, relax, and watch their children.

Tip 3 – Focus on Fido

Another way to make your Portland Oregon rental property family friendly is to focus on making it friendly for the family dog as well.

Dogs are a big part of most families in 2015. You can make your rental property appealing for families with dogs by adding a dog washing station on the property, a dog run, and dog bowls outside for food and water, and a pet area for walking and exercising the family dog. You can also partner with local companies that offer dog walking services – a huge benefit for busy dog owners.

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