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Is Your Portland Oregon Rental Property Out of Date?

System - Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Over the years you’ve built your Portland Oregon Rental Property portfolio to include some great rentals, but during the last few years you’re starting to notice that it’s taking longer to rent a few of your properties than it did in the past.

The reality when it comes to rental property is that renters these days are searching for rentals that offer practical value for their families, but also rentals that are aesthetically pleasing.

Here are three tips that cover some of the quickest and simplest renovations you should consider making to your Portland Oregon Rental Properties to bring them up to date.

 Tip 1 - Add Subway Tiles To Your Kitchen 
Consider adding subway tile to your kitchen along the full length of your counters. Start at the level of your counters, and run it up to the level of the bottom of your cabinets. Be sure to do this behind your stove as well.
Subway tile will give your kitchen a clean, modern look. It will also make cleaning the kitchen easier, and it reduces the painted surfaces that have to be maintained.

 Tip 2 – Paint Those Dark Wood Cabinets 
If your Portland Oregon Rental was built before 2005 and has oak, maple, or birch cabinets, consider painting them white or other light , neutral colors. Add new hinges and pulls at the same time.
Dark cabinets REALLY give a kitchen a dated look, but new paint, pulls and hinges can make a dramatic difference.

 Tip 3 – Replace Pendant lights 
Pendant lights are another design trend that was popular back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.
Consider replacing those pendant lights with clear or frosted flush mounted orbs. This will add more light to all of your rental’s interior spaces while modernizing the look at that same time.

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