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Portland Oregon Property Owner Tips – How to Clean Up A Hoarders Home

System - Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You’re a successful Portland, Oregon property owner, and you’ve been managing your own portfolio of income producing properties across Portland for years.

Although you’re excited about the income from your rentals, there’s one thing which could prove to be a huge waste of time and money - cleaning up a hoarder’s home or unit after they move out.

Here is the solution to this nasty challenge…

Tip 1 – Have a Cleaning Strategy

Start by cleaning up at the home one room at a time.  Your best bet is to clear the largest room or the garage first, and use this as a staging area for the cleaning work you do in the smaller rooms.

Tip 2 – Sanitize Everywhere

As you’re cleaning, you should sanitize everything including floors, windows, door knobs and any area the former tenant may have touched or used on a regular basis.  You should wear rubber gloves and a dust mask at all times.   Be prepared for seeing things you can’t believe, including human waste in places it does not belong.

Tip 3 – Create Piles for Trash and Recycling

Since most hoarders have a special preference for what they keep, you may find lots of trash and items which can be recycled.

Create piles for trash, recycling and donation so each item in the hoarder’s former home goes to the right place.  Be sure to plan properly for the amount of material you might find in a hoarder’s home or unit.  There are a variety of options, from drop boxes to doing the work one pickup load at a time.

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