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What Type Of Lock Is Right For Your Rental Unit In Portland?

System - Friday, December 26, 2014

Owning a rental unit in Portland can be an exciting and financially rewarding experience, but it can also come at a cost if you don’t invest in the right locks for your rental.

Here are some of the top locks you should consider for your rental unit to insure it’s safe and secure for your tenants.

Key Lock

Although it might seem like an antiquated lock for your rental unit inPortland, a traditional key lock is reliable, isn’t likely to malfunction, and continues to be the top lock choice for property management companies across the United States.

Traditional key locks are convenient but they should be chosen with caution, especially if you own a larger rental property.  A tenant who moves out can easily hang onto their key, or make a copy of it, and this means you will have to replace locks.

Combination Lock

One of the great things about choosing a combination lock is that you can have confidence in the security of your building because these locks  require a combination to get into the rental unit.

Combination locks can be penetrated and have several other security flaws , so if you’re considering choosing one for your rental unit in Portland it’s best to proceed with caution.  Ask a locksmith about the potential flaws with combination locks before moving forward with choosing one.

Keypad Lock

These types of locks are great for rental units because they also require a code to get into the building and that code cane easily be changed when needed.  Additionally, these locks are difficult to hack or break.

Which type of lock should you choose for your rental unit in Portland? Contact Grid Property Management today by calling us at (503) 321-5140.

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