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Winter 2014 – 3 Heating Mistakes You Can’t Ignore In Your Portland Rental

System - Friday, December 26, 2014

Winter has officially begun and with the start of winter, you can expect colder weather in the coming weeks.

Renters in Portland want to live in rental units which are warm and dry during the winter.  You can easily turn potential renters away if you’re making the following eating mistakes:

Mistake 1 – Ignoring Drafts

The next time you visit your Portland Rental Units take the time to stand by the front door or windows on a cold day.

If you feel a noticeable draft from the front door or windows, it’s time to weatherize those areas of the home.  Cold drafts will only make your renters uncomfortable during the winter and cost them more money to keep the rental unit warm.

Mistake 2 – You Neglected Your Boiler or Conventional Furnace

Does your rental unit have a boiler or  conventional gas or oil furnace?

You should have your boiler or furnace serviced before the start of each winter.  If you don’t, you risk the chance of serious problems if the heating system in your rental unit goes out.

Mistake 3 – Your Heaters Need To Be Replaced

If the heat source in your Portland Rental Units are wall, convection or radiant heaters and you know they should be replaced because of their age, it’s time to start replacing those heaters now.

Older heaters in rental units are potential fire risks.  They also increase the energy costs paid by your tenants.

You can insure the safety of your tenants and build long term relationships with your tenants by being more proactive with the heating and cooling units in your Portland Rental Units.

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