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Kohle Kreitzberg » Vice President and Co-Founder

As Grid’s Vice President and Co-founder, I work with both seasoned and first-time investors looking to dive into Portland’s thriving real estate market. Few, if any, investment avenues offer the stability, appreciation, and opportunity for financial leverage that real estate does. However, real estate investing requires enlisting the full-time services of a dedicated property management company to attend to the constant care and maintenance of your asset. I want to make sure investors know that with the right management company, property investing can be an extremely low-stress yet high-return financial pursuit!

I was born and raised here in Portland, secured a mechanical engineering degree at Stanford, and then promptly returned to help launch Grid. I’m an avid backpacker, hiker, and shooter. I’m always looking for a new and better piece of camping gear and spend all together too much time at REI! I love working with property owners and working together to provide unmatched management services so that our owner clients continue to invest in Portland’s booming market…give me a call today!

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Nanci Lopez Hernandez » Property Manager

I’m Nanci, a Property Manager here at Grid. I work with tenants and property owners alike. I am fully accountable for all day to day property operations, overseeing and enhancing the value of the properties we manage. My duties involve managing all aspects of the tenant and owner relationship for the properties in my responsibility.

I am an organically raised Portlander with 6 years prior work experience in the insurance industry. I am dual licensed in Oregon and Washington and hold my property/casualty and life/health licenses. I lived in Alaska for two years and I recently returned from a backpacking trip in Mexico in 2015. I’ve come back to Portland full force, ready to grow my own rental portfolio and learn from the best. I enjoy camping, hiking, attending music festivals, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and discovering good food. I absolutely love living in the Pacific Northwest!

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Michelle Kolososki » Property Manager

Michelle Kolososki

Hello! I’m Michelle, Property Manager here at Grid. I work daily on the ongoing development of property operations, maintaining/developing client relationships and my personal goal, to always give the best customer service possible. It is my duty to work closely with tenants to ensure their comfort and safety. My position also allows me the opportunity to work for our property owners managing their accounts, investments and ensuring an appreciation of their portfolios. Most of all, Grid allows me the opportunity to pour my passion for business growth, development and relationships into a company that exudes its values.

Prior to Grid, I spent many years as an entrepreneur running daily operations of my personal studio. My experience and passion for brand, business and system development has informed me well in the dynamic position as property manager. In addition to my experience as a business owner, I have many years of customer service and operations management. I enjoy creative thinking, problem solving and making. If I am not working or moving my body I am making fine ceramics or painting in my home studio. I couldn’t imagine a better place to live than Portland, and am so rewarded that I get to help others find a place to call home.

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Peter Smith » Photographer and Videographer

Hello! My name is Peter Smith, and I am the owner of Vivid Frame Media, an Oregon-based multimedia production company. I have been working professionally with digital media since 2004. I have partnered with Grid since 2013 to provide photography and video services for Grid’s entire portfolio in order to showcase each property in the best possible way. In addition to providing marketing materials, I also participate in Grid’s scheduled periodic full-photo property inspection "walkthroughs", working with tenants to address issues and ensure lease compliance, and providing Grid owners with detailed visual updates on their investments.

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