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I would recommend Grid Property Management to anyone I know. When we started renting our home, we had no hand rail to the basement. Within 48 hours of moving in, Grid installed a hand rail, fixed a seal on our back door, and as a preventative measure provided us with ant traps and other helpful items. I have never been treated so well upon a move in. On New Years Day we had a glass panel on our front door break from the extreme cold, and even though it was a holiday, Grid made sure that we had a repairman on site within 2 hours. Amazing service and a beautiful home, I can't think of 2 more important things when renting.

– Erin F., Portland, OR

Wow! We are thrilled with our new home! I just wanted to tell you that we could not be happier with the house. We have met our neighbors and have been learning more about this lovely neighborhood and the surrounding area...I already know that we will be very happy here. Thank you again...

– Yolanda C., Milwaukie, OR

I rented from GRID Management for 4 years. Initially I was wary; I had heard all kinds of horror tales about management companies. Every rental in my past was from individuals.

But GRID was the best. No unreasonable demands; prompt response when something needed attention; fair rent increases and no arbitrary problems. While past experiences with direct owner relationships were positive, all resulted in my having to move out due to their need to sell the property. 

I don't know whether GRID is unique or representative of the professionalism in the management/rental industry, but it doesn't matter. If a friend was looking for a place to rent I would not hesitate to tell them to contact GRID.

I'm an owner now and therefore out of the market, but I can only say, thanks for a good overall experience.

– Michael P., Portland, OR

There are always going to be problems with a house, small and large, but Grid always gets things taken care of quickly. For general handyman work, Steve gives us a call to find out a convenient time to come by, and is an absolute pleasure to have around. For bigger things, such as windows, appliances, and fireplaces, Grid uses outside service providers who are efficient and professional.

– Jennifer D., Portland, OR

We found our experience with Grid Property Management to be superior compared to all other rental property agencies we've dealt with over the past 20 years in the Portland metro area. As Residents, our concerns, questions or needs were answered immediately by friendly office staff and maintenance professionals. If you are looking for a rental property and you want peace of mind and a very pleasant rental experience, then let Grid Property Management be the folks you go to. We're so glad we did.

– Jon and Helen C., Hillsboro

I wanted to thank you for the rather uplifting letter you sent to us... we really enjoyed living in the Mississippi neighborhood the past 3 years and have very fond memories stemming from our life in the house. A lot of great things transpired from there... most notably our first child. We have nothing but praise to share with anyone regarding Grid. You guys were great and treated us exceptionally well. Again we really appreciate everything.

– Kevin B., Portland, OR

Thank you for the nice letter...I would recommend Grid Property (Management) to others. Thanks for the quick response for repairs, Doug, Steve, Tim. Great group! If we didn't have to move so quick we would of rented again from Grid. If we move ever again we will check with Grid first. Thank you, great staff!

– Dianna Z.

I love my little house…a charming older home from GPM. I have been more than pleased with their speedy response and positive attitude toward keeping up the property. I could live here a long time and be happy.

– Sandra H.

GPM has been great to work with. The application and lease process was quick and they did an excellent job responding to any questions or concerns I had. Since moving in I've had one maintenance issue and they resolved that within a few days.

– Jeffrey W.

We have been very happy so far with our experience. Everything was done in a professionally, but was personal at the same time. The company worked with us to meet specific needs that were important to us and our situation. This is our first time working with a property management company as opposed to working directly with the homeowner...so far it has been a good experience.

– Carlene W.

We have had such a positive experience working with Grid. The few maintenance concerns we have had were handled efficiently, and all interactions with the staff have been positive. In fact, it's sometimes easy to forget you're working with a rental agency. We hear from them so minimally and are always given adequate notice for an inspection. We would rent from Grid again in a heartbeat.

– Tabitha E.

Grid Property Management has excellent attention to Resident needs, and are always available whenever I have a question or concern.

– Andrea R.

Every interaction I have has with Grid Property Management has been incredibly professional and thorough. Account manager Vanessa K. has been very helpful in introducing me to the different offerings of Grid and has always responded to any inquiry quickly. Thanks Grid!

– Tom R.

Vanessa was a friendly and responsive property manager. We only needed a few repairs through our stay and they were dealt with quickly and painlessly.

– Kelsey R.

Grid Property Management has served us very well for 3 years. The same representative from the company has been our contact point, and she has been nothing but kind and helpful. The company also allows for payment online, and that's always preferred to paper checks sent in the mail or the hassle of delivering them in person. I'd say the company is an A+ all around. Thanks, Grid!

– Lashelle G.

Every time I reach out, I get an immediate response. Everyone is so easy to work with, and seems to care about their Residents.

– Rhonda S.

The people at Grid have been fantastic every time I have dealt with them. Maintenance requests were handled quickly and thoroughly, and everybody seems incredibly happy to help. Overall, I am very pleased as a Resident.

– Cameron O.

This is our first time dealing with a property management company and we've been incredibly pleased. The response time is quick and the office staff and maintenance crew have never been anything but professional and friendly…People warned us about renting a property not directly from an owner. However, I am very grateful Grid is involved. Vanessa has returned my non-emergency calls after hours, while out sick, and on a holiday weekend. Any holdups we've had have been because of not being able to reach the owner not because of the property management company. If you're looking for a house to rent, I definitely recommend going through Grid.

– Crystal M.

And an update: Our experience as Residents with Grid has been exemplary. They are professional and always take care of any concerns in a timely manner. On the few occasions when we required a maintenance service, the representatives who we've dealt with were very friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt. The administration staff is pleasant to deal with. Last of all, the property we rent is well-maintained and the neighborhood is excellent!

– Yolanda C.

Everyone I worked with at Grid Property Management was really nice. The whole process of renting from them went smoothly as was the process of concluding my lease. I really loved and cared well for the home I rented and was so pleased when they returned my full deposit! Anytime I had a maintenance issue, they addressed it promptly. Very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend renting from them. Good people.

– Tammy R.

We had limited time to get a place to live sight-unseen and Grid was the most responsive rental agency we contacted and through them we found a great townhouse in an awesome location and we really love it. We've really enjoyed working with Grid, and they made our move out to the Portland area awesome!

– Sarah S.

There are always going to be problems with a house, small and large, but Grid always gets things taken care of quickly. For general handyman work, Steve gives us a call to find out a convenient time to come by, and is an absolute pleasure to have around. For bigger things, such as windows, appliances, and fireplaces, Grid uses outside service providers who are efficient and professional.

– Jennifer D.

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