For Rental Property Management in Portland Use The Grid Management Success Formula™

Grid's Management Success Formula™ is our proprietary, step-by-step, comprehensive structure by which we bring in a new Investor client and that Investor client's rental property, prepare it for success as income property, manage the property and the Resident clients in that property through the lifecycle of each Resident's rental period, and ultimately prepare the property for resale if and when the Investor client elects to sell the property.

The Management Success Formula™ acts as the primary structure or framework around which all of Grid's processes, methods, and tools are organized. From our forms and checklists to our accounting, reporting, and physical and digital filing systems, everything ties back to and is guided by the Management Success Formula™ program.

Our MSF™ program has six stages, each stage made up of a series of detailed, sequential steps.

Stage 1: The Informed Beginning™

In this stage we introduce a new Investor client to Grid's overall process for property management, we put together the necessary documents and tools to establish our new Investor client and their property in the company's external and internal processes, and we complete the detailed accounting, billing, and legal tasks of bringing the property into the umbrella of the MSF™ and the current Residents aboard as Resident clients of Grid.

Stage 2: The Rental Marketing Rollout™

In this stage we gather all of the pertinent data about the property and the area so that we can prepare a comprehensive marketing campaign for the property. We prepare the various web-based marketing tools needed to professionally market the property to prospective Residents, and we begin a comprehensive marketing campaign for any current or upcoming vacancies, supplementing the online presence of the property on the Grid website with syndication of the vacancy onto over a dozen online rental websites and vacancy portals.

Stage 3: The Prepared Property™

In this stage, we complete a thorough assessment of the property, work with our Investor client to develop a comprehensive scope of work and budget for any repairs or improvements needed for the property, and then coordinate the work of the outside professionals needed to make the property ready to perform at peak efficiency. All the evaluations, strategies, and tasks undertaken in this stage are designed to prepare the property and all of its related systems and amenities to be free of hazards, tuned to the target Resident profile of the property, optimized for worry free operations, and ready to deliver market or better rents at minimum operating costs.

Stage 4: The Ideal Resident Experience™

This stage covers the entire lifecycle of a Resident's experience with an Investor client's property, and begins each time we receive an application from a prospective Resident for a Grid vacancy. The steps inside The Ideal Resident Experience™ stage include the process of screening the prospective Resident client, negotiating and carefully documenting the lease, transitioning the Resident client into the property, and managing and monitoring the Resident client relationship throughout the entire tenancy period. The hallmark of this stage is clear expectations, clear communications, mutual respect, and an unwavering commitment to honoring our end of the bargain and holding the Resident client responsible for upholding their end of the bargain as well. Throughout the rental period we are interested in the success of both the Resident client relationship and the Investor client relationship. We treat our Resident clients well and expect that in return, they honor each and every element of the lease they have entered into.

Stage 5: The Seamless Resident Transition™

This stage begins when we receive a thirty-day notice from a Resident indicating that they have elected to move. The steps inside this stage make use of the tools and processes by which we 1.) set proper expectations with the departing Resident client as to the procedures for a move out; 2.) immediately begin marketing and showing the upcoming vacancy, 3.) manage the process of final settlement with the departing Resident client, and 4.) conduct a comprehensive preparation of the vacancy to ready it for the upcoming move-in of a new qualified Resident client. The key to keeping high vacancy is great communication with both departing and new Resident clients combined with careful coordination of a series of overlapping steps that are designed to have the unit leased to a new, well qualified Resident client even before the departing Resident client has vacated.

Stage 6: The Resale Value Maximizer™

This stage begins when and if our Investor client elects to sell their income property. The steps inside this stage are all designed to 1.) ensure that the property is ready to be marketed and sold; 2.) keep the property fully occupied with a supportive and helpful group of Residents during the selling period, and 3.) ensure that the transition from our Investor client to a new Investor and possibly a new property management firm happens smoothly, quickly, and professionally.

If you'd like a more comprehensive overview of the detailed steps and processes inside Grid's Management Success Formula™ program, please contact us. We'd be happy to sit with you and show you how this program enables us to deliver superior service to all our Investor and Resident clients.

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